DAAS is an American contemporary artist, internationally recognized for his vibrant, engaging paintings and murals.

Born in Jacksonville, FL. His first memorable introduction to art came at the young age of 7, while on a road trip with his family, where his mother would pass time by sketching figurative line drawings on a pad of paper in the front seat of the car. This is a moment in time that DAAS remembers in vivid detail and associates it with an early desire to be creative and manifest ideas into reality through art.

In 1998, while assisting in the creation of several large scale murals along the east coast of the United States, his understanding of public art as a method by which to transform spaces and environments in a positive, thought provoking and reflective manner, became the foundation for his individual approach to creating art in the public realm.

After relocating to Osaka, Japan in 2006, while working as an artist for Universal Studios (USJ), DAAS immersed himself in the culture and found a new respect for the high levels of craftsmanship and dedication to detail that is found in Japanese art, this influenced his own approach to creating and was pivotal in the development of his own unique style

Since returning to the US in 2016, DAAS has been primarily focused on the creation of large scale mural art installed on substantial structures, such as parking garages, water tanks, and school buildings with a majority of the projects being public art commissions.

DAAS’ mural work, whether it be abstract or representational often incorporates bold shapes and organic forms saturated in vibrant colours meant to influence the emotional reaction of the audience and provide insight into the intention of the work

The opportunity to engage the public in a positive, lasting and meaningful way, serves as a continual source of inspiration and motivation for him.


I believe the purpose of public art is for the enjoyment of everyone and this belief is at the core of how I approach my work in a public space. I consider it to be an inherent responsibility of myself as a public artist to make a sincere effort in understanding the community and environment in which the artwork will reside; in order to reflect the values of the people who live there and will view the work on a daily basis.

I strive to achieve this through the practice of research and community engagement, which helps me to determine the theme of the artwork and appropriate colour usage which will compliment the surroundings. 

Each public artwork I create is a stepping stone and valued experience which helps me to refine the approach, process and subject matter in a way that more accurately reflects the intention of the work. Through the artwork, I hope to inspire, encourage and most importantly, create something that will be beneficial to the wellbeing of the community.  

The style of my artwork thrives on a large scale format and the imagery, whether it be abstract, representational or a combination of both is overwhelmingly regarded as positive in nature, colorful and engaging. 

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